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BioTabs is an  innovative Dutch company that produces organic fertilisers and soil conditioner. 

This manufactor has more than 30 years of experience in farming and growing. It has been cultivating on Rockwool for 25 years.  

Five years ago it started testing and experiments with organics what opened new horizons and what determined a new path for the company.




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ukredeye420 Newbie
Cant Praise this line of Nutrients enough will be a permanent feature in my gardens in the future! If you haven't had a look go check out there site awesome products!
3 days ago
Mrs_Larimar GrandMaster
Iam not sure about Mycotrex. But the Composttea worked wonderful.
1 week ago
This plant loved the BioTabs Lineup , grew a FAT stem, full green throughout the grow, I added a 1/4 dose of micro most of her life. I really like the logic of the biotabs line-up, not a big fan of the pace though for an auto : this one didn't even get her PK ! I heard from @gardenofautos that BIOTABS is releasing a liquid PK that you feed every week. That one will be a winner on this line up ! I followed the instructions best I could what's written on the label, most of the work is front loaded, so you're basically amending soil with mycos and bactrex, then adding the tabs, watering with orgatrex which is NK 4-6 (or something?) , didnt really like the clumpy boom boom spray but I do like the amino acids thing !
3 weeks ago
I got the BIOTABS lineup through a prize in a Grow Diaries contest, Came in this great box, very well wrapped, discreet shipping, with cool freebies, the best papes, some funny postcards and stickers, pins, etc etc. The instruction manual is super easy to follow which didnt stop me of course from messing up, putting three tabs on top of each other instead of side by side but no matter. It was a great experience using these, basically all the work is in the beginning you amend the soil , place the tabs, water with activators and beneficials then it's smooth sailing from there. Next time I'll add boom boom spray to every few waterings as well as add bactrex more regularly. I added the PK booster tea, maybe a tiny bit late, if I had done it sooner i could have fit two maybe three feeds, but beyond that I didnt actually feed, only just the once. I'm using these again, for SURE ! :rocket:
3 weeks ago
I used the biotabs as a supplement to the mr.B's in the final stages of the amendment process, these played a minor role, but were used at the start of the grow, i liked the idea of bactrex, and i now understand orgatrex is an organic NK 4-4 fertiliser. The boom boom spray came clumpy, i didnt realise that i had to shake it , and i quickly switched to my own amino acid concentrate.
4 weeks ago

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