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Humboldts Secret Supplies (HSS) begins with the story of Ben Garber. He was known for producing the best flowers in Southern California, and after a run-in with the law, he changed industries. Now out of the growing game, Ben saw a need in the nutrient additive marketplace. He wanted to make an additive so good that it could be used as an All-In-One additive, consolidating multiple additives into one. After a lot of hard work he developed a product and named it Golden Tree. The name made sense, because any tree that got a taste of it would turn to gold for the grower.

Humboldts SecretHumboldts SecretHumboldts Secret

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Good stuff, I can’t complain

6 days ago

This stuff is liquid gold, if you can fit it in your budget make sure that you do!

2 months ago

Enjoyed this product

4 months ago

Im a really big fan of this Ca/Mg/Fe supplement. I decided not to go with Advanced Nutrients because honestly their Ca/Mg/Fe supplements was much too expensive in my opinion. Humbolts Secret was very reasonably priced, and the concentrate came with no precipitation in the bottle what so ever. I was seeing some precipitate around day 5-7 of nutrient solution being made but that's to be expected since the whole solution is in a dynamic equilibrium with the solutes and pH buffers. Really great supplement to have strong and resilient plant development.

4 months ago

Worked well, im still yet to test its competitors though

5 months ago

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