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I’ve used these lights for all of my grows to date with no issues or problems. They are light weight, and do not produce a lot of heat. Very effective grow lights, and easy to use.
I'm very happy that the blog I was following that recommended the way I grew my plant included HLG as a strong part of their recommendation. My grow never exceeded 100W. And though I have nothing to compare against from personal experience, others on this site who do remarked what a strong grow it was for its circumstances. So if this was a great grow, that means HLG makes great lights.
I used two of these lights for the flowering stage of this grow, and I have no complaints. They are very bright and provide quality light to the plants. They are silent, and don’t produce enough heat to worry about at all. Top quality product I would recommend to anyone.
Both lights provide a good deal of light to your grow room that aides greatly in plant growth and bud formation. Relatively inexpensive when compared to others for the same light output. Great product, high quality, and good yield results speak volumes.
I couldn’t be happier with this light! I used one during the vegetative stage, and then added a second one for flowering. Heat was minimal, brightness was excellent, and results speak for themselves! Highly recommend this light to fellow growers.