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ISH100 R / BR

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Very good light, although the Fecida offer better value for money.
The perfect light for me. Great for tiny spaces, and so efficient thanks to the dimmer switch. I didn't have this running at full power once during the grow, maxing out around 75W, as the plant was quite small. Great build quality and extremely powerful for it's small size. RECOMMEND.
Good little light, running it on 50% us more than enough in my little veg tent.
EXCELLENT. Super powerful, low heat, very high quality build with no sharp edges. In my tiny 40x40 setup I couldn't even get this to full power on the (super handy) dimming switch. Recommended for small spaces, think it would manage up to 60x60 with ease.
This is a great light. It's my first light but great all the same. It has a high blue light spectrum which I'm sure caused the darker green leaves I was worried a little about. The light kept my room a great temperature and RH. Perfect for my wee setup.