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Invisible SunInvisible SunInvisible SunInvisible SunInvisible Sun

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Royal Cookies
13 weeks
Royal Cookies IndiCat
Royal Cookies
26 comments · 4 months ago

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The Outlaw Dosi-Berry-Punch
16 weeks
The Outlaw Dosi-Berry-Punch BraveheartGenetics
35 comments · 6 months ago
Royal ICE
15 weeks
Royal ICE Leonweed10
17 comments · 1 year ago
Runtz (RDWC)
20 weeks
Runtz (RDWC) FlavoursUk
31 comments · 9 months ago
Automatic Army
13 weeks
Automatic Army AlpineGoat
+1 strain
21 comments · 12 months ago
Nano Super Skunk Auto
15 weeks
Nano Super Skunk Auto NanoGrow
Super Skunk Automatic
32 comments · 1 year ago
Royal Gorilla
18 weeks
Royal Gorilla IndiCat
Royal Gorilla
25 comments · 6 months ago
First Ever Indoor Grow
11 weeks
First Ever Indoor Grow BraveheartGenetics
Gorilla Glue Automatic
20 comments · 10 months ago
73days 60x50cm 300w auto
12 weeks
73days 60x50cm 300w auto Zegr8
Auto Glueberry O.G.
24 comments · 12 months ago
Party with Belivitez
14 weeks
Party with Belivitez Belivitez
+1 strain
11 comments · 12 months ago

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Minty sherb
1 week
Minty sherb MintySherb
Volga seeds Mints x sunset sherbet
1 comment · 4 days ago
Stardawg auto
2 weeks
Stardawg auto hgborcs
Stardawg Auto
4 comments · 1 day ago
Dry run - Wedding cake auto
2 weeks
Dry run - Wedding cake auto TheBenderCab
Wedding Cake Auto
3 comments · 3 days ago
Sticky Monkey
2 weeks
Sticky Monkey Chamalla
Gorilla Glue Auto
8 comments · 4 days ago
Barneys Choice
1 week
Barneys Choice Starkiller
+2 strains
3 comments · 3 weeks ago
Ya rocket!
4 weeks
Ya rocket! Chamalla
Rocket Banana
11 comments · 3 days ago
New setup
3 weeks
New setup qindaloft_2
+4 strains
3 comments · 6 days ago
Mix bag
6 weeks
Mix bag ChunkeyMunkey420
+5 strains
8 comments · 24 hours ago
Nano Grow #3 - Alpine Delight CBD
9 weeks
Nano Grow #3 - Alpine Delight CBD cactoman420
Alpine Delight CBD
17 comments · 20 hours ago

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Very good light, although the Fecida offer better value for money.
1 month ago
Great light for small spaces!!
3 months ago
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