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Purple Kush
18 weeks
Purple Kush HAPPY91
Purple Kush
52 comments · 10 months ago
Help My First Grow Ever
21 weeks
Help My First Grow Ever HAPPY91
Indica hybrid
46 comments · 1 year ago
Alien Rock Candy Seedsman
18 weeks
Alien Rock Candy Seedsman Dirty_Hippy
Alien Rock Candy
53 comments · 6 months ago
Grand Daddy Purple 2
17 weeks
Grand Daddy Purple 2 HAPPY91
Grand Daddy Purple
44 comments · 10 months ago
Grand Daddy Purple 1
16 weeks
Grand Daddy Purple 1 HAPPY91
Grand Daddy Purple
55 comments · 11 months ago
Gorilla Glue Auto
13 weeks
Gorilla Glue Auto HAPPY91
Gorilla Glue Auto
21 comments · 9 months ago
Winter Indoor 2020 - Amnesia Haze
12 weeks
Winter Indoor 2020 - Amnesia Haze Njanne
Sweet Amnesia Haze XL Auto
30 comments · 12 months ago
Winter 2020 Indoor - Gorilla Girl XL
12 weeks
Winter 2020 Indoor - Gorilla Girl XL Njanne
Gorilla Girl XL Auto
22 comments · 11 months ago
CBD 20:1
15 weeks
CBD 20:1 HAPPY91
CBD Auto 20:1
20 comments · 8 months ago
LSD-25 1
12 weeks
LSD-25 1 HAPPY91
LSD-25 Auto
14 comments · 11 months ago

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Ziras new beginning
1 week
Ziras new beginning Hempkid
Blue Monkey
7 comments · 3 days ago
Fastbuds Purple Lemonade
1 week
Fastbuds Purple Lemonade Dirty_Hippy
Purple Lemonade Auto
3 comments · 4 days ago
Fastbuds GG
1 week
Fastbuds GG Dirty_Hippy
Gorilla Glue Auto
6 comments · 4 days ago
First PEV grow!
4 weeks
First PEV grow! HiWaynehi
+1 strain
10 comments · 2 days ago
First grow
2 weeks
First grow Seshbuddies
Super Lemon Haze
3 comments · 1 week ago
Afghan Mass XXL
3 weeks
Afghan Mass XXL Gogogorman
Auto Afghan Mass XXL
1 comment · 2 days ago
CBDream DWC (again)
1 week
CBDream DWC (again) Semiemo
12 comments · 1 week ago
Kerosene Krash
3 weeks
Kerosene Krash PatMcCrotch
Kerosene Krash
6 comments · 2 days ago

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I love it :heart_eyes:
1 week ago
Great Value. Runs warm
3 weeks ago
Excellent light.. especially for veg.
3 weeks ago
Really enjoyed the light. I didn’t have any issues whatsoever and it’s actually been the best light I’ve used to so far.
3 weeks ago
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Has anyone grown a single auto flower under a mf1000 maxsisun from seed to harvest??? In 2 by 2 tent if so what kind of yield did it make ???? I guess I’m wondering if my my 1000 will be powerful enough to get dank bud from 1 auto in 2 by 2


I really do love my Maxsisun PB4000 it is perfect for my 4x4 tent reliable and pretty accurate on the true wattage draw at 400 watts at 100% both drivers are dimmable it's my first LED since my old dog days with cfls everywhere and the way too hot high pressure sodium bulbs.... with the meter test and all that it would safely take the place of a 600 watt hps no problems, side observation in hps i always had huge internodal spacing with this led it gives much more dense nugs and more desirable spacing


Need to add MF series Light