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Optic 2 Gen4 200w

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Awesome light that puts out work!
Perfect light for my space. The dimmer option allowes me to easily adjust the LUX at the canopy level. Powerful product!
A great 200w light that puts out work! Although a little outdated by today’s standards, it’s still a very good light.
Best light I've used to this day.
This light does amazingly for a 200 watt fixture. It does require you to position it further up to have an even spread but overall very happy with the results.
Which it had a dinner but acceptable.
Truly one powerful LED, highly recommend Optic LED to anyone looking for a strong grow light.
First time working with led lighting so can’t compare against other brands. However for 200w this light puts out a ton of ppfd!
Great for the price...but COB isn't the best way I think...
great stuff! hope this makes an even bigger difference once its used on a better performing strain overall