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Phlizon Pl-1000

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Seemed solid, not too much heat generated, dimmer works well.
Loved it they use the Samsung LM301 diodes and iv got to say it’s probably THE BEST budget LED out there at the moment at only 100w less than £1 per watt but you can potentially yield 2.5 per watt mind blowing
Pl-2000 for veg :ok_hand::skin-tone-3:
PL2000 is my light but it’s not listed. Using as veg light :ok_hand::skin-tone-3:
This light is amazing. It makes no noise, it creates minimal heat, it's lite and its waterproof! Having the adjustment knob is great too, as the Samsung diodes are wild and were almost too much for 2 plants, so it was nice to be able to dial in the perfect amount. Happy I bought this light. I plan to use it for many grows to come!
Awesome budget light with Samsung diodes not crazy expensive and worked really good veg through flower, Simms le and runs cool