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Red Hot Cookies
20 weeks
Red Hot Cookies OimRausch
Red Hot Cookies
119 comments · 4 months ago
Gorilla Glue in the Sanlight
20 weeks
Gorilla Glue in the Sanlight Buddha2
Gorilla Glue Auto
108 comments · 1 year ago
Club Riot's Runtz - Gelato Zkittlez
23 weeks
Club Riot's Runtz - Gelato Zkittlez OimRausch
Gelato Zkittlez Feminized
44 comments · 4 months ago
Barney's Farm 2020 (New Strains)
19 weeks
Barney's Farm 2020 (New Strains) MrGr3en
+2 strains
109 comments · 11 months ago
Utopia Haze
21 weeks
Utopia Haze OimRausch
Utopia Haze
44 comments · 4 months ago
Tropicanna Poison F1 Solo Cup
12 weeks
Tropicanna Poison F1 Solo Cup OimRausch
Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version
51 comments · 12 months ago
Aeroponic ScrOG Blue Gelato #41
19 weeks
Aeroponic ScrOG Blue Gelato #41 MadeInGermany
Blue Gelato 41
58 comments · 1 year ago
20 weeks
Macarooooons... OimRausch
French Macaron
43 comments · 4 months ago
 "Brand New" Orange Sherbet Auto
10 weeks
"Brand New" Orange Sherbet Auto Wachsemilian
Orange Sherbet Auto
48 comments · 6 months ago
Banana - Power
20 weeks
Banana - Power OimRausch
19 comments · 4 months ago
In memoriam of Jack Herer
13 weeks
In memoriam of Jack Herer Buddha2
Hijack Automatic
60 comments · 10 months ago

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 Blueberry Muffin under EVO-Series
1 week
Blueberry Muffin under EVO-Series Uwish
BOTAFARM Blueberry Muffin
1 comment · 14 hours ago
Durban Poison — Dutch Passion
1 week
Durban Poison — Dutch Passion viriato0811
Durban Poison
6 comments · 3 days ago
Fastbuds strains
1 week
Fastbuds strains Grow420pice
+1 strain
6 comments · 5 days ago
Auto Giant Devil
1 week
Auto Giant Devil BavariasGrowers
Auto Giant Devil XL
3 comments · 6 days ago
Mango Sapphire // SANlight // CLONE
5 weeks
Mango Sapphire // SANlight // CLONE RundyElex
Mango Sapphire
2 comments · 6 days ago
2 weeks
Cheese Barakuda
6 comments · 3 days ago

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Only SANlight!
4 hours ago
Still the best lights I've ever used in my life! The yields, and the overall quality of the plants is unbelievable! Any plant will grow unexpectedly good under any Sanlight lights! These lights are built to last for a long time, and you can feel it by simply touching it. The support for them is also really good, and they are very easy to maintain. I am truly amazed by the quality, I think I am becoming a fan of this company!
2 weeks ago
Top notch lights!
3 weeks ago
Simply awesome. Very strong especially for younger plants
1 month ago
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Do you ever sponsor growers to test your products?


@Ace_Hydro, i hope so. Would love to test the Q4 gen 2 in my box.:sunglasses::+1:


Q3 gen 2 in my G-Tools growbox big buy ever!!! Think a Q4 would be better. I found some dark spots in my box.