Better lights, better plants.
ABOUT We are an innovative company, located in the west of Austria. At our premises in Vorarlberg, we develop and manufacture sophisticated and efficient LED lighting for commercial gardening, at home and for hobby purposes. Many years of experience in horticulture and in-depth knowledge of photonics and semiconductor technology all contribute to the development of our products. RESEARCH In our in-house cultivation laboratory, we cultivate a variety of plants with our luminaires and conduct active research. Our results are then integrated into our products as quickly as possible. Additionally, with the cultivation laboratory, we are able to imitate your personal project in advance and test it. To further our capacity we also carry out research together with universities and other research institutions. MEASURING TECHNOLOGY SANlight stands for quality, reliability, and maximum efficiency. To make this all possible we have a fully equipped lighting and electronics laboratory. Thus with our integrating sphere, we can calibrate the precise PPF values of our products and prototypes. It goes without saying that all the necessary tools are also available for development and research in the fields of lighting and electrotechnology. PRODUCTION In order to provide you with the best possible quality, all of our products are manufactured in our company. Short assembly processes as well as the production-optimized design of our luminaires enable production to be carried out in Austria at no extra cost. As a customer, you can benefit from the typical Austrian motivation of our qualified employees. When selecting our suppliers we look at both regionality and Quality This not only increases the longevity of our products but also reduces unnecessarily long transport routes and is thus environmentally-friendly. CONSULTING In order to exploit the full potential of our products for larger projects we offer you the opportunity to have a consultation on location at your business. In this way, we can be flexible in terms of your needs and can customize our luminaire design to suit you.
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Bester Hersteller !!!
3 hours ago
Love Sanlight! Maybe 2 Q6W are too high for my 1x1m tent. Next run maybe i will try only 1 q6w🤔
2 days ago
Love Sanlight! Maybe 2 Q6W are too high for my 1x1m tent. Next run maybe i will try only 1 q6w🤔
2 days ago
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