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krippy started grow question 3 years ago
some babies (BAM #1 - AGB#1-2-3) have begun to yellow the leaves at the top, i don't know what it can be :( I tried to give them only water but the problem seems get worst, so i thought that maybe can be too much light and tried to set to 18/4 instead 21/3. Any advice?
Week 8
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The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
So here's my answer to your grow question . For the yellowing what you are seeing is a light case of nutrient burn , don't panic its nothing you can't fix my recommendation to you is that you lower they amount of times your plants being fed , not watered but fed with nutrients as well as adjusting the strength of your solution to be a little lower to me its looking like you may have over fed them just a bit . With that being said until your satisfied with how the yellowing stops I would only feed them with PH corrected water . The thing you must understand is that when ever you feed your plants with nutrients they will never uptake it all 100% so some of it stay's in the soil and over time the soil get to be what we know as "hot" thus affecting the root mass leading to nutrient burns . So the best thing to do in order to help prevent this from happening is feed with nutrients every 2nd or 3rd feeding this way you can ensure the soil will never be too hot for your root mass . As for the curling leaves that's classic sign of heat stress you can correct this many different ways , the most cost effective way of course is simply to move the light up or if your plants are raised above ground to lower them closer to the ground . You can also purchase a cool tube reflector combo which essentially uses your exhaust fan to cool your light allowing it to be closer to your plants without the risk of heat stress . I hope the info I've provided you with has helped you on your journey to becoming a grow master ! - Happy Growing!
mad_scientist answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello @krippy. It is difficult to make a diagnosis without information like EC. I can definitely see some sulfur deficiency some burned tips and some heat stress but overall the plants are fine. The sulfur deficiency usually comes from over/under watering more often over watering or more rare it can be caused by a PH lock due to to much cal/mag or from salt build up. Considering all the above i believe that your problem comes from over/under water plus if it was a PH lock out you would have more deficiencies. I wouldn't do anything at this point. Just be careful with your watering cycles and continue with the fertilizers as you would normally do. Also the time to harvest is near so some small deficiencies is not a big problem. Happy growing ! :+1:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Can't comment on your feed strength without EC/PPM values, get a meter. I've seen that wrinkled edges happen due wrong pH, heat stress due lights been too close or too much nutes or feeding too often.
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Thing is could be any number of things, what I don't like is the clawing which makes it look like it may not be just micro nutrient deficiency. Clawing could be due to wind or light as well as root problems. If you the affected plants are directly under the lights or hit by more wind than the rest you've got light or wind issues so move you light if you can, maybe point the fan away you know the drill. if it's root problems you'll need enzymes or hummic+fluvic acid to try to correct the problem. hope this helps ! :rocket: