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Servietsky started grow question 3 years ago
Hello, here is the "problem" the edge of the leaves of my Fraggle Skunk are dark, red, blue, hard to define.
I wonder if it is normal or if it is a deficiency.
See last photo of the newspaper Fraggle Skunk
Can you help me.
thank you
Fraggle Skunk 6L
13 weeks
Fraggle Skunk 6L Servietsky
Fraggle Skunk Auto
6 comments · 3 years ago
Week 11
Leaves. Edges burnt
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! The fraggle skunk is clearly not a purple strain or a strain that can have some purple colours from what I know Philosopher seeds have no purplish plants , their 1st purple is the Purple dos-si-dos and has been released 2 weeks ago or 3 but no more, so we can't bet on the genetics here. The temps are not what can bring the purple colours as your temps are never too low. To me the only deficiency that lead to purple colours is a Boron deficiency but you are using Aptus full line so it should never happens as Aptus has everything in it . So to be honest I only listed what It can't be but I have no clue about what it could be :sweat_smile:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Since you stopped feeding, the plant is now consuming what's left of its reserves and probably would have happened whether you stopped feeding or not, since it has reached the end of its life cycle. The dark metallic blue / purple patches on the leaves are a classic sign of phosphorous deficiency; you probably have some purple petioles too. Don't worry.
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey @L0opinG , you have pretty standard potassium deficiency, it looks purple or blue due to genetics, but basically the plant needs P+K (K is potassium) during flower. If you add any standard PK nutrient the leaves wont recover but the problem will stop spreading. Simply put : you do need a PK booster because the soil doesnt have enough of it because the plant is in overdrive due to the 20h light schedule and the plant's high metabolism due to temp and humidity ration (VPD)... this will affect your yield if you dont fix it but it wont affect the taste... hope this helps bro ! :rocket: