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Trainrails started grow question 3 years ago
In the middle of the picture from day 25 there is something weird going on with the new growth (next picture is more detailed). One side is growing really slow, the other looks like it never grew/was eten/something. It is kind of brown/red-ish. Is this a deficiency or windburn?
Week 4
Leaves. Other
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Looks like windburn, do you have a fan blowing on to it?
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there two things: #1 over watering the plant is kind of drowning and it's causing the new growth to come out all wierd you can tell it's over watered from the "puffy" space in between the veins of the leafs #2 is pH micro nutrients are necessary to get strong stemps and solid growth and they get absorbed around 5.8/5.9 you're at 6.2 , doesn't look like much but it will cause problems over time. So to fix this follow a strict(er) wet dry cycle and try to get the pH down to around 6.0 if you can and the plant should make a full recovery ! Hope this helps ! :rocket: