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Momgrowsthechronic started grow question 4 years ago
So, tiny rust spots on upper fan leaves (please see pic above-week 8). Is this a Calcium/Magnesium issue or something else? I’ve been weaning these ladies off the CalMag over the past 2 weeks and then this showed up. It’s also been very cold in my tent so I’m not sure. Anyone? :scream:
Week 8
Leaves. Other
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
hey there Mom, this is basically calcium deficiency from the slightly high pH you got going, the slightly intense light schedule, and the fact that since these plants are really well dialled in, they went into over drive and started needing more micro nutrients to compensate for their growing. you simply need to get that pH down to around 5.8/5.9 and up the calcium/magnesium you have to around 1ml maybe even 1.5 ml dont worry you cant really over do it on calmag, should recover within 5-10 days . hope this helps ! :rocket:
rudiak answered grow question 4 years ago
Girls are looking good I wouldn't worry to much.

I would check your PH pen is calibrated though and up your cal/mag feed a bit can't really overdo it. I would try and raise your temps and humidity a little also if possible to get the girls sitting in their optimum range, but the signs on the leaves are probably just a combo of a few things more then one sole problem. Just keep watching them closely over next week or so and see how they fair.

Good luck and happy toking!
OutForReal answered grow question 4 years ago
At first sight it can remind me of a calcium deficiency but when I Take a look at your values I can see that you are giving plenty of cal mag so it must not be the issue. On the other hand except for a calcium deficiency I can't really spot what else it could be :sweat: