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le_epic_doge started grow question 3 years ago
I've been getting some of the burnt tips as a result of the watering with nutes. The nute mixture is already half the recommended dose. I've tested my runoff pH and its about 4 or 5 even though I've been pHing my water to be around 7 and no lower than 6. Anyone have any tips?
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16 weeks
First Grow le_epic_doge
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Week 8
Leaves. Tips - Burnt
B4RNS answered grow question 3 years ago
Feed Water Water (check the drain) Water/or/Feed (depending on the last drain). You’re feeding to often , nutrients start to crystalize and turn into NaCl (salt) creating an hypertonic condition in the media and pH start to drop, the plant has to reverse the flow of her fluids (water) to turn the media back into an isotonic condition but she won’t be able to balance the pH .... you must give a good flush asap before serious problems start to appear !
Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there! Make sure to pH after you mix the nutes. Sometimes its good to let the nute sit in the water for a while to "stabilize" and you may find it is really at a different pH than you expected. and if you have to flush with plain pH'd water with a pH around 7 until the runoff is in a good range then let dry out and go back to your regular feeding schedule. when you do go back to the feeding follow run-off and make sure it stays in a good range. It may be something to do with your soil. but definitely try to get it back up with just plain pH'd water. and that should tell you weather its the nutes or something in the soil it self causing it to lower. Happy Growing!!
Mampy answered grow question 3 years ago
Try to ph your water after you mix nutrients in.

Nutrients can low your ph. If you are ph-ing your water before and not checking after you have added your nutrients this may be the problem. I hope you can figure it out ph is so important. Cheers.