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ThatZimbo started grow question 3 years ago
So I am going to attempt to graft an arm onto my one plant, seeing that I mainlined two great stems and like an inattentive fool broke one off.

My question:
Anyone done this before and have any pointers for me? Not sure what the likeliness of this working is.
Double Autumn LSD
14 weeks
Double Autumn LSD ThatZimbo
10 comments · 2 years ago
Week 3
Techniques. Defoliation
Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 3 years ago
Heyy Zimbo yes it can work doing the grafting method. It is harder because most likely if your having to attempt a graft the branch has snapped completely off. Now when trying to fix this you need to make sure where it broke does not "scab" up or else it wont heal back onto the plant. It is very tricky but can work i have done it once or twice before an i had a little spot that had "scabbed" over so i took a scalpel an made the slightest cut just to get it back open to a fresh cut make sure it is fresh like that on both spots you are trying to graft the put the branch back on an use some tape to hold it on sometimes you will have to add something to act like a splint as well. You can also look into some of the different cutting method before the graft to get more surface area touching where it will be grafted. Hopefully it will take if not and you see it drooping you can always try to save it an make it a clone Happy Growing!!!
LongJohn420 answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi! I have used duct tape yes duct tape to fix broken stems. Stems broken with hard super cropping can survive with this trick I don't know it that happens when that branch is totally broken.
growdoctordc answered grow question 3 years ago
@Mrs_Larimar wrote
“... i do it like in the western films. ...”

I’m not sure what that means but I love it! My mind sees a dirty bandana tourniquet wrapped around the wound, then give her a shot of whisky :tumbler_glass:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
I hope i got your question right, you snapped abranch and fixed it. and you want to know how its done the best way=?... sorry english is not my language. for sure i think everyone snapped a branch of a plant. If its completely broken and off... i put some aloe on it, dig a hole in a pot with soil, pit aloe in it , cut he leaves of the branch i broke and plant her. i give her a dome and normally after a week she grows ( like cloning). If its only hurt badly i do it like in the western films. I give her a including rail and fix the rail ith pipecleaner . If its a little hurt i tape the branch. happy growing