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donnie700 started grow question 3 years ago
I just got my meters in today. Soil pH is reading 7.5-8.0. I wasn't testing the pH of my water until now, reservoir read 8.3, applied pH down to get it to 6.7 and a ppm of 120. The ppm of the runoff for #5 was reading 1500, i flushed it down to 900. Are they locked out of nutes?
Valley Sundae
6 weeks
Valley Sundae donnie700
Valley Sundae
10 comments · 3 years ago
Week 2
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DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey donnie they're showing signs of pH fluctuations as you can see from the way the leaves are burning in splotches and they're showing signs of root issues from the curl on the leaves probably from overwatering as you can see from the puffy space between the veins of the leaves. Try top watering and making sure the medium goes completely dry then water with a chelation agent like humic and fluvic acids or enzymes (optional!) to get rid of the problem roots. Stick to a strict wet dry cycle from now on and these will recover on their own in 10 days. Keep doing what you're doing keeping the pH at between 6-6.5 and the PPM decent for a small plant. Avoid flushing too many times because it can cause stress, and see if the soil got compacted maybe, give the grow bags a squeeze just to puff it up some. Hope this helps ! :rocket:
Black_Magic answered grow question 3 years ago
Let the soil dry out she need it for growing , go lower with your ec (350-450)and ph
Don’t water to much give her few weeks and she will recover
Waters answered grow question 3 years ago
Could very well be lockout as 900ppm is still too high for soil for a plant that size. How much have you been watering?Try letting the soil dry out for a little bit and spraying a foliar spray on the leaves to give them some nutes.