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Tazard started grow question 5 years ago
She is supposedly a 56 day plant. Did I do something wrong? It’s day 63 and I’m still waiting for flowers. Will she still make buds or am I just growing a “weed”?
Buds not fattening was the best symptom available for selection.
Taz on Crack
19 weeks
Taz on Crack Tazard
Green Crack Auto
58 comments · 5 years ago
Week 10
Buds. Not fattening
420_liquidsun answered grow question 5 years ago
Try to give her less light to force the flowering.. some dutchpassion autos have same situation i had
Removed answered grow question 5 years ago
Mine went 15-18 weeks. Autos are weird like that, and I hate scheduling my room around them. Last year I had seedsman white widows take 5-6 MONTHS and world of seeds NLxBB auto (great crop) take 5 months as well.
UKauto answered grow question 5 years ago
Mine went 14 weeks and went into flower around 5 weeks in. Very slow development in the buds door an auto, I do believe that was on me due to conditions etc. Try giving her a nudge into flower cutting light down or 24hr of dark possibly(not 100% on the 24hr dark but I've heard of a few people doing it) . Don't worry by the looks of her now she's gonna be a beast, mine stretched over double her size through flower so if it's the same with you she's gonna come out well.
Herbalize answered grow question 5 years ago
I think 24 hours of light is really too much even for an auto
Do not forget that auto are crossed with fem, so maybe this gene has taken over ... idk
The other growers are right, but I think you should just change the cycle for 18h Firstly and and watch what happens,just a little night everyday, will maybe trigger the flo :+1:
Good luck my friends
Doggy answered grow question 5 years ago
It may not come in bloom for lack of darkness, try lowering the cycle 12/12 until it flourishes as it should and then you can raise the hours of light if you think it is convenient, it looks beautiful like this, entering flowering and maturing it will be a beast ! Good luck with that friend :)
BigDaddyK answered grow question 5 years ago
This is the first fast buds seed I've seen that has not flowered by week 6 , it's possible switching to 12/12 might help, are you 100% it's an auto ?
Jeff123fish answered grow question 5 years ago
I have had a few autos not flip without help. I’d throw it into a flower tent to get it to flower