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balansa started grow question 3 years ago
hello growers how are u doing? )) i have a very sensitive question. what is the temperature in your box and how do u control it in summer? :)
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balansa answered grow question 1 year ago
thanx guys u where very helpfull
mr_green_thumb_ottawa answered grow question 2 years ago
intake 6 inch outtake 10 inch whit dimer that will control temps and humidity whit out playing whit it much if it goes above the 29 degree then its too hot it should be 21 to 28 in the tent whit osculating fan humidity change veg 50 to75% bud 55 to 35 %
rhodes68 answered grow question 2 years ago
Depends on the strain, seriously. I watch the plant and look for signs its not comfortable and I wish I could tell you exactly what I am looking at but its a gut thing unless its obviously out of whack. Generally if you are comfortable it is...know your strains Mex Air is pretty resistant to heat took 100 F here just fine for 4 days running. Cool does not seem to effect it either as it gets as low as 48 F at night, so thats my experience with the strain. Good luck
The_Projexx answered grow question 2 years ago
I like to keep my temps for veg at 26C during the day and 20-21 at night and for flowering I like it at 25 during the day and 18-19 at night . I dont like going lower then that because it slows down development in the plant that's what I've found . To help handle your temps there are a variety of ways to do it , you can use any of the following to help keep your grow environment cooler . You can use : air conditioner , bigger exhaust fan , cool tube for your lighting . Most of the time thought you can get away with a bigger exhaust fan that directs air straight outside . Just be cautious that if you do get a bigger exhaust you will need to get a bigger intake in order to keep the air pressure balanced . You wanna keep your temps below 28c during the day . This allows your plants to breath freely . If you are running c02 then higher temps are ok but within reason . I hope this information helps you on your quest !! -Happy Growing!
Majormolasses answered grow question 3 years ago
Happy growing my friend hope this lady get nice and fatty for you :) :seedling: right now I’m usually sitting at 84 if I’m lucky I would love to get a fan or something to cool my room to bring cool air into my tent but that’s to come. Happy growing Fam
WeedLoverPT answered grow question 3 years ago
The ideal is between 20ºC - 27ºC in veg and 20ºC - 29ºC in flower stage

in my grow i put 3 fans. 1 is a tower fan and is good...
i have a intractor down too for renew the air inside the grow box and 3 passive air intakes too
Wicked_Stix answered grow question 3 years ago
77 is the proven ideal temperature for cannabis growth at natural co2 levels. Only way to bring temps down realistically is air conditioning. You can get a great crop higher or lower depending on the strain but for maximum output ac is the answer. Good luck
GreenHouseLab answered grow question 3 years ago
I turn my inline fan to the max on some days, move my tent to a cold storage area in my house and introduce forced air vice passive air as my intake. I'm able to maintain 77-81 day time temperatures. In Veg and early flower I still use my humidifier which also helps to mist cold air into the temps and it does lower my temperature by 2-3 deg. Don't forget a good oscillating fan also helps to circulate the air in the tent. :ok_hand::+1:
Pseudo answered grow question 3 years ago
Il faut beaucoup d'intraction et extraction d'air et bien choisir l'endroit je pence que c'est un problème récurrent pour beaucoup de monde
DILLIGAF answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi there mate I use a small grow tent 90x60x100cm and with the viparspectra 450w that's running 24/7 the temp sits just above 30c so I also need a small oscillating fan and 4 inch inline exhaust fan which brings it down to around 23-24 celcius. It is Winter here where I am but in Summer I would need more air intake and exhaust plus airconditioning for the hottest days. So to answer your question you need adequate air flow and exhaust Hope this helps :+1:
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey balanca, check out my summer grow diary, basically ihad the same problem during my first grow. basically if the temperature outside the tent is above 25 degrees there is very little you can do actually. the most important thing is to keep the root zone cool. So more fans on the bottom of your tent. Personally i used a 1KW/H A/C system, but you can do very well with an "evaporative cooler" which is a much cheaper alternative at least you're using LEDs, i was using HID with a 1330m3/H . Even though you do use LEDs you still need a pretty big exhaust, and make sure your carbon filter is big enough to let the extrator pull enough air through. Hope this helps ! :rocket: