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Removed started grow question 4 years ago
What do you think is causing my yellowing leaves? My first guess is nutrients weak -- though 200-250PPM seems enough to not yellow? I can bump up to maybe 350ppm? That sounds high to me. Could also be my grow light being too far? It's about 36 inches away. Ideas?
60 Day Lemon Auto DWC
10 weeks
60 Day Lemon Auto DWC Chi_Town_White_Boy
60 Day Lemon Autoflower
30 comments · 4 years ago
Week 3
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
The plant does not seems to be stretching so I don't think it's a light distance issue. 250 PPM is fine for a seedling, but now your pant is leaving seedling stage and entering full vegetative growth, so it's starting to demand a bit more nutrients. Ramp it up slowly, 350 PPM sounds fine, you can always feed a stronger solution later if it's not enough.
Don't start bloom nutes yet, the first part of the flowering stage, the stretch needs grow nutes, I would switch to bloom nutes in 2 weeks when the stretch slows down.
Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 years ago
Hey I think you could bring your lights closer usually not closer than 24in. And with the nutes I think you should up them, deficiency usually starts at the inside of the leaf, like new growth area like yours...rather than most toxicity is at the tips first. I have a plant with yellow/bright green new growth, and I had to adjust my ph a tiny bit and give it a cal mag supplement, it also appeared to be iron deficient.
Best of luck to you, I'm sure its a temporary glitch.
Jeff123fish answered grow question 4 years ago
I don’t see yellow leaves under the led. If you are referring to the lighter green on The new growth that is normal and those leaves will darken as they mature
FlavoursUk answered grow question 4 years ago
If the new growth of a plant contains yellowing, it is probably suffering from Sulfur deficiency. This deficiency can be cured by mixing one tablespoon of Epsom salts per gallon of water until the plant's condition improves. Hope this helps.
Stick answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi there! This looks like a Zinc deficiency, probably due to too-high PH during young vegetative stage. Since the PH level you describe in your past weeks seems fine on the paper, I'm thinking that your measurement tools may not be correctly calibrated. Also, are you using RO water? Tap water contains generally enough Zinc for your plants. I'll be around, good luck with this baby, I'm sure she will recover!