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NorthEuropeanGrower started grow question 3 years ago
I'm worried about Blueberry Ghost OG. Why does it don't want to start flowering, because in october in my climate is negative temperature at nights pretty often. What can I do to, let them start flowering? I thougt that autos doesn't take so much time.
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Welovephattrees420uk answered grow question 2 years ago
Try not to stress too much about night temperature until it happens dude , most strains have got a certain amount of resistance. If worried garden fleece can be used in case of frost ,covered at night taken of daily should protect to -5 . Always the riper the better if we can . Safe growing dude .
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
As alluded to by Dilligaf and considering that the blueberry isn't an auto, you might want to cover it or something and reduce the light for a while, it'll help induce flowering from what I've seen.
Cannibalgardens answered grow question 3 years ago
These auto have a set internal clock so flowering comes when it is time increasing the shade around the plant or done kind of sheet over it would help induce quicker flowering for your baby one wants to lose there beautiful baby to frost or crappy weather ..some genetics cause one to take longer then the other..I put a sheet supported by wood frame to cause my OGKush to flower early as humidity was my problem hope this helps at all cheers from Canada...
Aquabuds answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey mate your blue Berry og isn't an auto is it? If it pheno keep an eye on it might not be fem or it will just start to flower when day light starts decreasing
DILLIGAF answered grow question 3 years ago
@NorthEuropeanGrower Hi mate your plants are flowering because they are getting longer periods of darkness
easch night which triggered the plants natural progression into flowering.
If you want a plant to continue vegetating rather than flower you will need to provide some supplemental lighting for a few hours each evening after the sun goes down. This will trick the plant into thinking it's still midsummer.
However since your plant has already started to flower I wouldn't recommend that this time as it would set your
plant back too far. Just let them do their thing mate and Happy growing