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Sky_High_Steve started grow question 2 years ago
CBD2 is a CBD auto cheese growing in 2/3 compost 1/3 triple mix garden soil. Leaves around the buds are starting to curl in the past week. Been some rain so staying damp. Had 1/2 strength biothrive but only once per week. CBD1 in fabric pot same age but not curling.Help please?
Week 9
Leaves. Curl up
DissNoof answered grow question 2 years ago
Hi there Steve, unfortunately that leaf curl isn't normal, it's likely a combination of heat stress and root problems. Basically the heat and the extra humidity created the perfect conditions for watermold which is affectikg your roots. It's pretty easy to solve by making sure the soil dries out completely before you water again and you can speed up recovery by adding a chelation agent to your feed for example beneficial bacteria like bacilus subtilis and trichoderma or enzymes or humic acid or amino acids, or synthetics like a diluted "flushing agent" these will break down the problem roots as well as fight the infection. Good luck crossing the finish line! Hope this helps ! :rocket: