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salteeze started grow question 4 years ago
1st ques: Currently using 3 CFL bulbs total 4800lm, should i change to 200W LED for the whole grow?
2nd ques: Should i put a bit of bloom in the mix? Beginning of week 2.
3rd ques: Seedling has 3 leaves instead of 2, should i add up more nutes?
Slow growth, pls help.
Amnesia Kush (whorled phytola)
12 weeks
Amnesia Kush (whorled phytola) salteeze
Amnesia Kush
20 comments · 2 years ago
Week 1
Leaves. Too few
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
You can switch to LED if you want; I start with LEDs now and I'm using 300w. Just keep the light at least 36" away. I usually start around 40" and move my way down slowly. You don't have any serrated edges on your leaves, so they're not getting heat stress. Just keep an eye on it -- CFLs can still put out some decent heat so just keep the lights at least 6" away. I wouldn't worry about your lighting -- whatever you want to use should work fine. Regarding bloom nutes, I wouldn't recommend it this early. Wait until around the pre-flowering or post-flowering stretch to make your switch (other growers can give you their two cents on this). The 3-leaves versus 2 is not a big deal -- some people actually prefer it. You'll likely see 3 bud sites on that node. It's not an issue. Regarding slow growth: I hate to tell you, but I've always had slow growth with DWC/hydro during the first 3 weeks. I was able to speed it up by at least 50% by adding a top feed (~5 mins every 2 hours, or just get a drip feeder). Even still, hydroponics does not seems to produce super fast growth in the first few weeks. However, around weeks 3-4 (once the roots have dropped and are fully in the solution), hydroponics leaves soil in the dust. I am getting super big plants starting around weeks 4 and 5. They are hard to contain, actually. But the slow growth is typical with hydro. Be patient. My biggest problem when I was starting with hydro was my constant messing with them. Make sure your pH is between 5.5 - 6.3, make sure they have plenty of water, and leave them alone! One other thing about nutes -- following my PPMs really solved my level of nutrients. I've found, specifically with autoflowers in DWC, plants can only handle about 75ppm while they're fresh seedlings. I can get up to 150ppm by day 7-10 and then start climbing from there. About 350ppm is where I'm at around week 3. I have never gone above 600ppm with an autoflower in DWC and NOT burned them -- so I'd recommend keeping them rather low. Your plant looks good. Be patient! Week 3 is when you should expect to see major growth.