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altoalto started grow question 1 week ago
As the title says - my plant affected by what I think is an infestation of spider mites.
I will treat the leaves with Cannacure as soon as I receive it in 2 days and I started with some home made solution of kitchen soap and vinegar. Safe to use other chemicals? Any experience?
Week 8
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crimsonecho answered grow question 1 week ago
neemazal is a good option and considered safe for organic farming and consumable plants. it’ll help with your fight. they’re small so you can wipe the leaves and the stems with a weak alcohol solution as well.

if you can you can even dunk the plant in water and give it good wash. manually removing pests is the fastest way to reduce their populations. then be vigilant and check regularly and keep spraying it with neemazal.

neemazal is a water based extraction of neem seed. it has the active compound azadirachtin which disturbs sucking pests feeding ability and reproduction. now azadirachtin will stay in the plant for a while so i’d advise to stop applying it 3-4 weeks before harvest (not because its dangerous but it is somewhat linked to a syndrome which prolonged smoking of cannabis containing azadirachtin causes cramps and nausea and stuff). but it is theoratically safe to ingest.

anyway that was my two cents.
HerbalEdu answered grow question 1 week ago
looks like thrips not spider mites, try spinosad real effective against them
Chucky324 answered grow question 1 week ago
Hello. While you wait, turn up your fans. Make it so the mites can't make their webs in the wind. It will keep them in check until you get you Cannacure. You can make some 50% water and 50% alcohol (iso or vodka) and a squirt or 2 of dish soap. Try not to get it on the roots. The alcohol dries them out and the dish soap drowns them. Chuck.
gottagrowsometime answered grow question 1 week ago
I haven't yet had to deal with mites. I'm sure I will.

I have AMC spider mite wash and neem soil. And canna cure.

To combat them you wanna be laying down traps. Wiping down eggs. But the leaf was will kill em after they eat.

There's other things you can do. Depending how bad it is. If you have a crop.. and you have 1 bad one you can't get under control I highly suggest you to some damage control. You whole crop or just 1 or 2 plants.

I've seen ppl put up they use a hover with some mesh or some shit. Stuff like that.. look up best ways to combat and pick which best fits the tools you have or can quickly get.

Good luck, hope you beat the lil shits.