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ScoobySnax started grow question 4 years ago
I’m currently at week 7 flower, using biobizz nutes, and wondering when I should be flushing? People say a week?

Problem is my GDP clone looks a little further along, and I’m struggling to see the trichomes with my cheap loupe. I’m worried I’m already in the harvest window :(
OG Kush - First Grow
15 weeks
OG Kush - First Grow ScoobySnax
OG Kush
58 comments · 4 years ago
Week 12
Techniques. Defoliation
B4RNS answered grow question 4 years ago
GDP is ready for flush , but by those green leaves full of N she might need 2 weeks to fade... Cut the nootz for OG , let it use the nootz in the soil for another week then give it a good flush before the final week . Do not harvest your plants green like that or it's gonna be harsh to smoke