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Cultus started grow question 3 years ago
Harvest is just days away and i am still unsure what to do. Please give me your best advise on cutting and drying. Should i cut and hang the whole plant or individual branches? Trim fan leaves immediately or wait? How long do i hang it to dry? What about the popcorn and shake?
1st Grow - Critical Kush - DWC
12 weeks
1st Grow - Critical Kush - DWC Cultus
Critical Kush
52 comments · 3 years ago
Week 10
Techniques. Defoliation
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey man starts with the flush, one day or two just plain water 12 hours of darkness not more than 24hours , then chop + hang the whole plant why? so that the photosynthesis chemicals go to the stem and the stalks and leaves, drying it is important, most commercial grows dry it over 12-14 days with no cure, at our level we still want to dry it slow, whatever you can do to keep the RH relatively high + the room cool 20-22 °C is the best, basically the plant will tell you when it's done : just select a popcorn nug and pull until it snaps off audibly from the plant. that's when it's ready if it's not ready you'll get stringyness to it or it won't really snap. All you have to do then is trim then straight into miron glass jars. i noticed real nice results with the miron glass , cures the trykes better somehow they stay intact better. The first week you want to inspect the bud daily, completely remove it from the jar then re-jar. the second week throw in a boveda 58 or 62% and keep inspecting daily the second week (even though you don't really need to do that with the boveda in there...) then only inspect once a week for 4 more weeks and you should have perfectly cured bud ! hope this helps my friend , wish i could TASTE ! :rocket:
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! The place you will chose to dry must be dark and without an high RH . You can cut branches or hang the entire plant , if you cut branches then the drying process will be quicker than with the entire plant so be sure you humidity level is not too low to avoid a quick drying and a possible chlorophyll/harsh taste. Also 2 way to trimm your plant , wet trimming will be a bit more tricky than dry trimming because the trichomes will stick on the scissors and will make you clean them frequently, the dey trimming with the proper dryness is easier (to me). With your sugar leaves you can make hash with a bubble bag but the most simple is to make a canna butter ( Google will help to find a recipe). Concerning curing , when you'r buds are dry and trimmed then jar them and open the jar during 15 min every day for 15 days to a month at least then open them 5 to 15 min every weeks or 2 weeks. I hope it will help you :grin::+1:
CrazyDiamond answered grow question 3 years ago
If you cut whole the plant without remoove the leafs it will dry very slowly, so much more chance to get bud mold. On the other hand if you trim all the leafs and cut down the buds from branches you'll need drying rack. It will quick dry out, that means less quality and potency. The golden med way is to trim all the leafs 2 days before the harvest and let it stay in complite dark for this two days, than cut the branches and hang it on a rope without toching each other. The drying should take about a week with 35-40% humidity 22-24*C and good ventilation. After a week put them in 1litter glass jars for quring another week or two. Open the jars dayly for an hour to ventilate. The trim and popcorn put in brown papper bags with some holes in it and hang it in the same room then after it drys out make some hash or BHO with it. Happy smoke Bro!