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LumberjackBuds started grow question 4 years ago
What’s going on with these little guys? Especially the coloring on day 13 for #3. They seem pretty stunted especially compared to the size of my other strain I started on the same day. These guys are getting full nutes like the others but look kinda yellow and the 3rd one blotchy
Week 2
Leaves. Color - Pale
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Let's see, pH is ok, temperatures are ok, humidity is ok too. I'm of two minds, first I think you are over watering, 0,2 gal of water per day is too much at this point, let the plant hunt for water in order to develop a strong root system, also no information on feeding strength so I'm gonna say you might probably be over feeding or having some kind of nutrient lockout. At this point you should be giving something like 0.4 EC to 0.5 EC (200 PPM to 250 PPM), mostly cal-mag. You have quite the cocktail in your feeds and if you are going to use soil less media, an EC / PPM meter is a must.
DudeGrowsWeed answered grow question 4 years ago
This just came into my inbox this morning regarding yellow leaves:

It should be pretty helpful in you’re situation. Good luck!:+1: