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Bomb Seeds
Green Planet Nutrients

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6 days ago
8 from 10 Diarie of the Month Prices are shipped or delivered already. for the rest 2 packs, we wait answer from @Buck5050 and @Rattus. Please check your inbox here in @Growdiaries, that we know when we can send your price. and now @all: We wish you maximum success (at first testing) with the use of our products. We will try all diaries to follow and observe them, if anything goes beyond normality, we will announce ourselves and help you through the whole grow process. If there are any questions about the application, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us, the success can only be better and we will also be able to give you some tips on the way, which are not officially stated on any label or image brochure have found their place. Enjoy your hobby and love your girls with your growdiaries here. Treat your plants like you should treat your wife and she will thank you at the end with her fat sticky savory harvest. Always pay attention to the signs of the plants after each nutrient, the plants always tell you exactly in the follow hours - next day/s what has done them good or would do them good. A lack of view of the living thing is usually associated with a measly yield. If you give your plants a name, rotate them regularly at 90 or 180 °, the substrate surface is always loosened / mulched on, talk to them, stroke her, keep an eye on all environmental conditions, and listen to them with music for at least 30 minutes a day, whose plants simply grow better. ;) like if you agree, comment if you see it differently or you have an other way to do. We hope we were able to ease the thread here a bit, originally attributed to: plants (and sry for bad english parts of them are translated with google) we wish all a blessed day and growing cycle.

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ccore Apprentice
THC Bomb
Growing it
Uplifting high. Seems more sativa dominant.
2 months ago