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@Heresay, The Advanced Nutrients line of "PH Perfect" is supposed to create a PH of around 6.2 to 6.4 all on its own when mixed correctly. I use the AN Sensi-Grow line which has an A bottle and B bottle for Grow nutes and also an A and B for Bloom. My tap water plain is 7.8ph, when I mix my nutes at 3/4 to full strength additives and measure again it is consistently 6.2ph. I have a Bluelabs PH Soil probe, it can measure both liquids and inside soil. Your higher issue is likely caused by something that was premixed into your soil like dolomite lime. If you are sure your soil is above 6.5ph then your plants are not getting a full spectrum of root nutrients. It doesn't necessarily mean they will die, but it may show some issues or be slow growing/smaller yield. To answer your question the best solution to drop PH is a liquid aptly named "PH Down", normally found in all hydro/horticulture stores. It is a bottle of Phosphoric Acid. If you decide to use this acid I suggest you own a GOOD ph pen for mixing/testing because it is very powerful and only a few tiny drops can drastically change the PH of a gallon of water. In my experience with PH down as little as 6-8 tear drops will drop PH of my 7.8 plain water to under 6.5 in a gallon...very strong stuff not to be "Guessed" with. If you dont own the PH pen and do not see many grow issues...let it ride. Over time the PH perfect solution SHOULD drop the soil Ph to the correct range according to AN specialists. You really do not want to kill your girls experimenting and if you get a harvest in the end you've saved yourself coin and can purchase a more scientific setup for your next seeds. note: Bluelabs make excellent testing equipment. most recent photos do not look like plants which are suffering at all. My personal opinion is to let them ride...but thats just me. Good luck.
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Growing it
This was my first entire indoor grow. From day 1 this strain should have died on me being an overzealous newbie. It survived being cooked as a seedling in the humidity dome. It survived very cold temperature in the root zone from sitting on cold concrete. It survived over fertilization and overwatering. It lived through being dried out by accident over a weekend.... I had flushed it 4 or more times throughout its life because I messed up mixing my nutrients.. Just soo many bad things happened and they survived!
It has been almost 2 weeks now since harvest. Buds are curing in jars with 62% Boveda packs. The grassy hay smell is gone now. The buds smell sweet, fragrant, yet not very intense. The burn is good although could be more smooth on the lungs. I needed to flush much longer but didn't have the time.
Overall, this strain get awesome and is very potent. I cant finish a normal zigzag joint on my own without feeling effects too heavily. Its more couchlock now that it is ageing.
4 months ago