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8 months
2 days ago
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Royal Queen Seeds

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NewbieMJ00 Apprentice
Growing it
It has been a fairly long journey, but i'm finally to the end.

The vegetative stage of this plant has been very strong, many big fan leaves, quite resistant to the high amount of nitrogen i gave it.
The flowering stage has been a bit more difficult, she suffered a bit from the N toxicity and after the flush she almost immediately had a P deficiency. Purple leaves and buds are probably caused by that.

This straing is indeed strong, even if she suffered nutrient problems the buds came along quite big and hard, with a decent yield. She was also much more resistant to mites than my White Widow plant that i grew in the same box.

Smoke report: Being freshly dried the smell was very strong of herbs but also very sweet. After being lit it hit me straight to the head with the classic indica dizzyness, i almost got overwhelmed by it even if the THC rating of this strain is fairly low (around 8%). My joint was probably burning too hot. The first 10 mins are as to be expected very euphoric, my head felt very light. After 20ish mins the CBD kicked in, definitely starting from the legsand going up like a wave of pleasure. Every sensation was amplified, not too couchlocked. I personally really liked the effect. After a couple of hours i could still feel it a little bit, i wasn't really tired like after some other THC strains. I slept very well that night, no headache or anything unpleasant.

Cya on my next grow (maybe ;))
2 days ago
NewbieMJ00 Apprentice
Bag Seeds
Growing it
It is finally over, time to can things up and start the next one. Overall i thought growing weed was harder than it actually is. I only messed up once and the plant came out fine anyways. Next time, selected seeds!
The only thing i can complain about are the airiness of the buds, nothing rock hard or very dense, but since its my first growth from a random seeds i guess its fine, i have space for improvements.
5 months ago