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6 months
2 days ago
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Short Rider Auto
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Will fill this out when i dry and cire enough to give you a proper report but as it stands looks like shes gonna be awesome. Stinky sticky citrus sweet buds.

So heres a quick look at what we've got here. Its day 4 of srying. The outside is already pretty dry and some of the smallest buds are at a point where (uncured) they are smokable. Wife and I rolled a little doobie up with some of the smallest dryest nugs(which were still super sticky on the inside despite being so tiny) the strong vitrus smell is weaker right now and smells a bit like diesel. When we lit up the citrusy taste was most prominent upon entering my pallette and left a nice diesel undertone on exhale. The dry bud still looks fairly nice too i will upload more pictures before they go into jars

I just want to say something real quick. I had never heard of Short Rider before(I HAVE heard of both its parent strains though)When I took to the i telnet in search of information I had am overwhelming amount of reviews saying how terrible this strain is and yields were up to 3grams dry. So.e said up to 15grams but even still this worried me greatly. How does a seed bank allow such a shitty strain to get through?

Well lo and behold it is NOT a shitty strain. It IS however very susceptible to mold. This sucks cuz my area is humid all the time and gettinf lower than 45-50% RH is pretty much impossible even using my dehumidifier. That said i've grown in 50-55%RH during flower with other strains and had no issues. Anyways thats a little off topic but the point is I pulled my girl chopped of the trim and took in 6wet ounces which will be near 2 dry/cured. In case some of you are bad at math its 56grams in 2oz. I fucked up badly and got 6oz wet so I can't see any reason if I tried again I would get any less than half a pound wet. The people writing those reviews either were terrible growers or ....well. actually I can't say for sure but I promise of you only got 3 grams you did it wrong. The strain has a bad name on a lot of sites but other than it has next to NO resistance to mold it was fun to grow. My first autoflowers ever

Apparently I cannot put 2 harvests back to back for some reason?? Anyways. Here's plant number 2(The LST girl) so when I went to do my nightly check and found fuzzy webby stuff buried in the back of one of my big buds. Upon further investigation I unfortunately found about half an ounce(or more) of starting mold. I take no risks with that shit and I took it down as it was. Super upset about it. Wet weight on plant 2 AFTER trimming and de molding I ended up with 239.9 grams( at least I hit half pound wet this one) so so sad. This could have easily got me a qp to half p dry if this hadn't happened. Sad sad. Anyway. This strain obviously has resistance issues but again. It was a pleasure to grow and maybe in the future I will grow it again. The buds are decent and tastes good(for citrusy weed) i really like the diesel exhale on it though. The buds look nice too ill upload some more pics soon but I was up all night yrimming and hanging( my last check is midnight so I pylled trimmed and hung all after 1230 lol. Fortunately it was an easy trim. Alright I'm going to sleep for a bit and ill come back with more pics.

Alright final update for this journal just saying.
The lst plant stayed significantly fluffier and foxtailed versus the hard dense colas and nugs i got from the first plant. The taste is the same citrusy sweet mostly with a diesely exhale. Both sets of buds are good and I will grow it again in the future.
3 months ago

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Your plants are looking so happy, and the fact that your diaries are as detailed as they are is really super helpful.

I'll be sure to follow and keep an eye out for updates! Cheers