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Mephisto Genetics
Gaia Green

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Gorilla Cookies
Growing it
Lovely strain! Dried for 8 days, and after about a week cure this stuff hits hard. Opening the jar and a very potent musky diesel smell takes over the room. The smoke is very energetic for the first 25 minutes, then it’s like an all new high kicks in. Very relaxed, and awesome body high for a very long time. This stuff surprised me, and I have a high tolerance. Love it!
2 weeks ago
Purple OG Punch
Growing it
Finally chop day has arrived! Day 59F

This plant was a joy to grow! Had no issues except my own pH problem that I fixed. Grew well in veg and fast in flower! The bag appeal on these flowers is unreal! Has amazing golfball size nugs with beautiful Green and Purple all through the buds with an insane amount of trichome production. This thing is beautiful! To top it all off, best smelling plant I have grown. Very strong Sweet and Fruity with that nice kushy smell. I will be growing this strain out again 100%!

Will do a dry and cure report in the next couple weeks.

Thank you Ganja Farmer Seeds for the contest. I loved growing your genetics and will be purchasing off you guys in the future.

*Uploaded photos is lower res, I can send high res pics*


After an 8 day dry in 60f and 60rH the plant was ready for jars. After curing for 3 days I gave er a test smoke for the day so I could get this report up for the contest.

Initial smell in jar is muted, but slowly coming back each day. Taste is earthy and fruity which I hope over a longer cure the earthyness will leave.

Very strong stuff, one bong toke puts me where I need to be. Very heavy behind the eyes, which leads into full body relaxtion. Lovely afternoon/night time smoke. Hits as hard as some 24% stuff I got!

For an indica lover, that enjoys fruity strains. This is the one! Not a huge yield, so I veg longer next time.
2 months ago
Growing it
*I wanted this plant to go another week to finish it's nice fade and go from 10% amber to 15% but with outside temps mid 30's for atleast another week it is not worth it. Foxtailing started few days ago

What a grow! Chopped on day 63F. From starting off mutated and very slow, this thing became a beast! Looks amazing, with big dense buds with crazy structure everywhere. I had to tie some branches on other plants because they were sagging, I had to tie this whole plant up! It got so heavy, the last two days it has been toppling over and ripping out of the medium. The smell is became pretty potent this late week, while it was muted most of the grow. Smells fruity/sweet with a nice kush

Drying in the tent atm, running the exhaust fan and a fan on the floor to help with circulation. Struggling with temps with now, sitting mid/high 20's because of the heatwave. I am trying everything to cool that room down.

Will update on drying process and when I trim and jar for curing.

Update: After a week of drying it was ready to be trimmed and jarred. Sitting at 62% in jars. I was hoping for a bit longer but the heat was just too much. The buds are very dense and sticky and smell of Sweet, earthy kush. Most of the nugs are med/large and have a decent amount of trichomes. Very happy with this plant and would grow it again! Will update after a 2 week cure/smoke report!

After 3 week cure I smoked on this stuff for a full day to see how the full effect was. The smoke is very smooth with a little heavy feeling in the chest, which is exactly what I like with Indica's. The inital bong toke high isn't huge, but definitely enough to satisfy while the high lingers on its way up!
Classic indica high, very relaxed with the munchies and makes falling asleep a breeze. Very happy I took a clone and am a couple weeks out from that harvest
4 months ago

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