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Interview with Magnetous_tryko

Q: Hey there, how is your day going today? What are you up to?
A: Hi GD team! Hi all! My day is going like a day at work... So I’m not up to very interesting things right now lol!

Q: Please tell us about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from? Family? Where would you want to live? What do you do? Do you play any instruments? What’s your hobby besides growing?
A: So I’ll be 40 years hold in two days (28th October) but I really don’t feel like being this hold actually! I’m born in Paris, France from Italian parents, which got me the double nationality, lived there for about 35 years and moved to Belgium 4 years ago to rejoin my pretty lady but also to escape from one of the most prohibitionist country in Europe! And I really don’t regret that at all, Belgium is a country of great people and they have kind of a tolerance regarding weed.
Where I would want to live is a very tricky question and I don’t think I have the answer yet... but I definitely enjoy living in Belgium for the moment! My family has drastically reduced over the past few years as I’m single son and all my grand-parents are now gone to next level, the final one. So I’m left with my two parents (which is really lucky I presume) but they live in Portugal so I get to see them like twice a year, and a few uncles and aunts in Italy. So I have more friends than fam actually but at least I could choose them lol!
What I’m doing for living is quite different from what I studied for have a motorist engineer formation and have worked several years for Renault and other car manufacturers. Now I teach driving (on tacks and streets) and I also drive myself as a driver for embassies for example. I also manage a team of stewards on some events from time to time.
I don’t play any instrument, but I love electronic music too much! Techno techno techno forever!! I also listen to other styles, but I always end up listening a nice techno mix sooner or later! For those who would like to put some amazing techno in their ears I can suggest listening to Pan Pot, Adam Beyer or Marco Bailey!
My hobbies are taking pictures, rc racing, mushrooms picking, shooting (but not at animals) and gardening (when I find time to). The hobbies I regret I had to stop where scuba diving and playing golf. Ho and I almost forgot one of my favorite “hobby”, lying at night, high, under a clear starry sky and enjoying that amazing show!

Q: What’s in your grow tent right now? Why do you grow weed? Do you sell? Would you consider working in cannabis industry? What’s yourdream job?
A: I run three tents at the moment, two 2x4 (60x120) and one 2x2 (60x60). In one of the 2x4 I have one Hulkberry from RQS and one Bruce Banner from PEV and in the other, one Green Gelato, also RQS, and one HashPlant, also PEV (all four diaries coming soon). In the 2x2 I finally give a try at Dr Grinspoon from Barney’s farm!
I started growing for the same reasons as many of us I believe. I was disgusted of what I could find on the “market” and of the price it was sold at! Prohibition definitely brings out a lot of shitty stuff in the streets!
No, I don’t sell, I offer... hey hold on everyone! I only offer to a few chosen ones.
Yes, I would definitely consider having a job in the cannabis industry and I almost achieved that as I’m starting to get paid form my weed pictures!! And this would be my dream job, being able to take pictures of weed for a living!!

Q: Tell us about your first grow experience? Was it a successful project? Who was helping you and where were you finding information about growing?
A: Oh, men my first attempt was a complete mess!!! Back in 2012 I set up a tent in hydro with four totally different strains, some more sativa like the original purple haze and some way more indica like white widow! I had no skills at all, it has been a nightmare and I was quite alone in the dark because I’ve been the first to grow my own among my friends! But I didn’t give up! And even if the sources weren’t as many as today I was finding my informations on internet already.

Q: What’s your favorite strain? How do you take your weed? Any favorite edibles?
A: Guys this is the toughest question! It’s a bit like choosing between your kids... So many differences, so many nice strains... if I had to pick three I would say Royal Cookies from RQS, Ayahuasca purple from Barney’s and Jack the Ripper from TGA. I quitted combustion several years ago so now I vaporize the weed with my Herborizer (shout out to them for making the nicest vaporizer I ever tried) and I couldn’t be happier to have done so! Better stamina, easier wakeups in the morning and a way better taste is what I noticed from stopping the combustion. I also vaporize the different concentrates I make, bho, live resin, bubble hash or Frenchy’s hash. Sadly, I didn’t yet try any good quality edible.

Q: Do your family and friends know you grow weed?
A: My friends definitively yes! My fam doesn’t! My parents are quite open minded, but I had too many issues with the police back when I was young and they have been too upset about this for me to tell them even now. But I think I will let them know at a certain point, especially if it becomes my main job!

Q: How did you find GD? Is it helpful or you are here for the prizes?
A: I found GD thanks to my buddies at RQS! They reached out to me on IG and told me about GD and voilà! It is the most helpful platform out there and I made some very nice encounters on here! Big up to my Italian clan, W “Life in green”!! Prizes are a plus but I would be here even without them!

Q: In your opinion, who are the real Guru Growers here? Are there any people who you look up to?
A: Ok another tricky question!!! To name only a few: @MrD@TheFoxFarmer@Tazard@Athos, Gardenofautos, @B4RNS@Biggreens420... and sorry to all the ones that I didn’t name but there are so many others.
I also would like to name a few outside of GD as they really helped me in the understanding of growing and making concentrates. For example, Johnny B (John Berfelo on YT), BC Bubbleman, Frenchy Cannoli, The growboss and subcool420 to name just a few.
I should also name the persons that inspire me a lot when it comes to photography like @Constantconcentrates@erik.nugshots, @shwale@kandidkush and the photographers at @phantom.farms and @teamterpene (all those are IG accounts).
And if you could interview next a young promising grower named ā€‹@TOTEM that would be awesome! He is learning very fast and is always here when needed!

Q: How do you see the future of GrowDiaries?
A: Seriously you are doing an amazing job. There are always things to do better but right now I don’t figure out what. I’ll dm you when I find out! ļ€

Q: Any final words?
A: Thanks to all of you out here on GD for making me a better grower! I would like to be able to give back even 1% of the love I received here! And to all those retarded politicians out there all over the world: FREE THE WEED!!! And leave us alone for a while! Cya all growers!!

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What a good interview! Are you going to post your RQS Hulkberry grow? Iā€™m doing my first grow with that strain right now and I know a couple veteran growers that I admire have had issues resulting in some anxiety in me, a lowly novice :sweat_smile:


:clap::skin-tone-2:Good interview :+1::skin-tone-3:


Magnetous said" And to all those retarded politicians out there all over the world: FREE THE WEED!!!"... spoken out of my Heart thy for the nice Interview


Cool interview!


You are a good man! Be careful, good luck!


Nicely done !


Awesome interview dude! Do you bake weed waffles in Belgium that would be a good business haha:v::skin-tone-2:


Nice interview dude :blush::ok_hand:
content d'en savoir plus sur toi :fist:


Rqs cookies is my favourite smell of ANY strain just chopped!!! Great interview thank you MT & GD