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Can't dream for more with this amazing set. :+1:
Never really used Advanced Nutrients.. But this stuff is bad ass... Does great with all strains.. Not just Kush strains :+1:
a brand in any case expensive in terms of money and time, but the result is guaranteed
Still loving this stuff! About 3/4 of the way thru this bottle and 2 years later.. Still works great!
Advance Nutrients were outstanding! They really provided the balanced nutes to make the best grow possible, and produce the best flower possible.
Advance Nutrients were great! PH perfect nutes with speciality nutes for each stage of the grow made a significant difference in the quality of flower.
My favorite stuff
love the advanced nutrients line. They have so many different things available, that you can always find something to help out your grow. Bigger roots, bigger buds!
No words .. working like a charm.