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pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom B


Perfect as always just my mistake to give too much N in flower but for the rest they are very good
Stopped using this lineup since it seemingly clashed with one or more nutes.
This stuff is expensive but really good. I love not having to deal with pH.
I love the adventure nutrients, so easy to use. I've tried other but if you are growing in coco, I recommend advanced.
This was a pain in the ass to grow. It really was. It was only in a 2 gallon pot, so it was smaller, but I'll take what I get. The plant was just very, very finicky. Genetics, maybe. My fault, always a possibility. Either way, it grew, we chopped - it was hella sticky and stinky.
Very good as always this time should of lowered the N in flower even more but still great end product so will keep on with A.N.
I dont like these Nutrients, They are too strong at the recommended amount. But they are good at kicking things in gear if you are having trouble with pH.
Perfect as always top shelf shit with this stuff..
I dont have enough xp to go touting anything, but I did get a bunch of cannabis, although everything has a dryer sheet taste note. Not sure if its the nutes user error or drying curing issue.
I love the fact that there is no PH needed. It really seems to help when doing different strains that may require different nutrient needs. I’ll be moving to this for veg and flower for good once my veg nute supply is done. The only downfall is that the supplement and additives are quite pricey.