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pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom B

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Keeps pH in check. Never used more than half strength.
Once I started using Advanced Nutrients my grows have consistently amazed me and surpassed expectations.
That was my first experience with this nutrients and Im really happy with the result except a few things. The sludge. I was experimenting with automatic watering and as for first experience that was really hard to control this factor too. And consistent of Big Bud Coco was pretty solid and gooier. Did not like it.
first time using and they seemed to like it!
I like advanced nutrients, they seem to work pretty well.
Well the first coco grow did not disappoint nor the nutrients did.
The base and big bud+overdrive have proven to me through trying many brands to be up there with the best
Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow did not PH correctly at full strength which is such a pain.
My main set of growing. Always easy to use. But avoid the manufacturer recommendations. Use half of these