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pH Perfect Sensi Coco Grow A

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Always good choice but definitely on the expensive side.
I’m usually always happy with how AN performs; this growni switched out sensi bloom for connoisseur bloom and it has made a big difference with the end result.
I switched out the sensi bloom for the connoisseur bloom and it truly made all the difference for me; I quite like this product line and what it does for the plants when it is operating properly.
Will rate as 3 stars this time as it was my first time growing with Advanced Nutrients, will compare against my next harvest! Been a great bundle of nutrients so far and with the PH lock in the nutes, it makes life so much easier!
Love it she was beautiful throughout her process.
What can I say - Always delivers :ok_hand:
Ok. I have been using it for a while and everything I have grown with it tastes very similar. Growing Blue Cheese really proved this because I have grown it before and it tasted much better with different nutrients. I will Finnish the products I have left. Also more expensive than other great products.