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B'cuzz Coco A

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Wasn't impressed so changed to canna
Wasn't impressed so switched to canna
Always had a great result with this nutrients, they are really concentrated and are enough by themselves to finish a plant!
Good fertilizer but bad information from the producer. It’s impossible to find their website and their own resources.
Really good products, the same ones Ive been using since starting to grow, dont need much quantities to reach good EC measures and the plants always seem really happy!
Uma linha com boa relação entre custos e benefícios
Very good stuff I think I might stick with it for a while
this was my first grow so I can’t say for sure but atami seems to work well and it’s a lot cheaper than every other nutrient I saw in the grow shop
As I said before, I like the Atami fertilizers.
In the end of this growth I had acess to a EC meter and It showed me that the normal daily feed I gave to this plant was around 2.5 EC in the flowering phase, which is a little high I think, but she never gave any sign of nutrient burn
Always easy to over feed the A+B ,root stimulator is a must have
Root stimulator is a must have
I think Atami are creating one of the best fertilizers worldwide for cannabis - yet I haven’t tried every other brand