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B'cuzz Coco B


Uma linha com boa relação entre custos e benefícios
Very good stuff I think I might stick with it for a while
this was my first grow so I can’t say for sure but atami seems to work well and it’s a lot cheaper than every other nutrient I saw in the grow shop
As I said before, I like the Atami fertilizers.
In the end of this growth I had acess to a EC meter and It showed me that the normal daily feed I gave to this plant was around 2.5 EC in the flowering phase, which is a little high I think, but she never gave any sign of nutrient burn
Always easy to over feed the A+B ,root stimulator is a must have
Root stimulator is a must have
I think Atami are creating one of the best fertilizers worldwide for cannabis - yet I haven’t tried every other brand
I really liked the fertilizer! Will be using it again! I think I can recommend Atami for you guys & girls out there! :ok_hand: The taste is really good! : 1::skin-tone-6:
Basic. Nutries i used for growing
Good nutrients, they work good and are pretty simple, Rootbastic and especially Bloombastic are really top notch!