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Works great! Especially given how my flowers turned out when I didn't even use good coco to begin with.
Works extremely well
The results here speek for themselves. Consistent aromatic and flavorful flowers with a clean smooth smoke
Super quality sustainable organic ingredients
Never lets me down!
Love it but too much to mix. Will also change growing medium so I have more control over feeding.
Good quality blends for market value. The inoculants and dry amendments are amazing!
I really enjoyed using Roots Organics Uprising line of dry amendments. Makes me feel better about my smoking knowing everything is organic. It was a breeze to use and showed good results, next year I want to try the terp teas.
Works extremely well. Just apply Uprising line up every 2 weeks. The Terp tea can be used weekly and the worm castings I top dress every 4 weeks.
I really enjoyed using roots organics uprising dry amendments. They are easy to use and give great tasting results. Not having to worry about ph and ec made this grow simple plants seemed to love it. the guanos are fast acting and worked great for liquid applications in between my bimonthly topdressing.
Ive become very fond of this brand. If your looking for an easy way to go organic this is it. Very user friendly and doesn't break the bank.
Amazing stuff works great. Follow feed schedule an no issues. Add more bloom in flower if needed
Easy to use. Just mixed in the top of my soil every couple weeks before a watering day.
Uprising dry amendments by Roots organic gives me an opportunity to dial in the feedings to taylor each crops needs. I am able to feed everyother week with a light top dress to trickle in nutrients through out the life cycle. The material is ground up finer that most amendments and breaks down a lot quicker and more even then most amendments on the market.
Always getting great results. Sustainably sources ingredients that really helps stretch the dollar at the same time.
Great quality sustainability sourced ingredients that is effective and easy to use while easy on the wallet