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Great Italian products :ok_hand::ok_hand: Basically is a base of molasses with mixed in to it bacteria, trichoderms, amminoacidi,protein, humic acid and some one kelp fermented and calmag plus, always from organic matters.. The only "little" problem is, I don't know if today they are a active on a market.. But products works well :+1:
Great Italian true organic fertilizer.. Cost a little bit, but are very good :ok_hand:
Works well :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
Great Italian organic nutrients :muscle:
Great Italian organic fertilizers :ok_hand:
Fully organic fertilizers and stimulators made in Italy and I must say they are excellent .. Like the others, I really use them in minimal quantities. Recommended :ok_hand:
Very good Italian organic brand fertilizer :ok_hand:
Great Italian organic fertilizer
Great Italian organic nutrients :ok_hand:
Great Italian Organic brand :ok_hand:
Great and quality Italian organic nutrients
Great Italian organic nutrients..I still use only few times a cycle..
Very good Italian organic fertilizer and easy to use
Nice Italian product.. The base of both is certainly molasses, but it is enriched with other interesting things .. They work well for me.
I need one more try with this nutrient. First time indoor after many years, i can't say nothing now
Very good like always!
Nice like always, but I'm still trying to figure out how to properly use them.