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by FC_GELATO lover's {Glue taste}

Approved by Barney's Farm
1 year ago
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Grow medium
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weeks 4,5,...
Barney's Farm - Glue Gelato Auto
Glue Gelato Auto
Barney's Farm

Growing it




It is enough to read the name to understand that this is a great strain.. two fantastic genetics blended together with a pinch of speed :gorilla::icecream:

The first ruderalis genetics that satisfies me in all respects:ok_hand:

Super Auto

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
200 watt
Total light power used
ounce /watt
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
25% Sativa
75% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry eyes

I think the all three bacteria and fungus are a good product, but in my case maybe isn't too much necessary..
The sensyzim is really effective : 1:

Good products that as always help when they are served quickly .. I especially appreciate rootjuice, but for each of them the use has been minimized

I love the powder from guano (high in P) because is so easy to use and works great..
Always rock buds :fire:

But it's true, a little bit it change the taste..
Not in bad way, but definitely it change..
Like Mango or something like that..

In any case..

When I don't use my Living Soil, I will definetly use it like a primary nutrients : 1:

The guano liquid I think works good, but it's my first time I have use it..

Will try again and let's see..

Fully organic fertilizers and stimulators made in Italy and I must say they are excellent .. Like the others, I really use them in minimal quantities. Recommended :ok_hand:


She was stay under this light always with some other plants, three or five..

I have grow in bloom at 18/6 and the last month 16/8..
Less then 90w only for her..

And she has produce a great flowers, in quality and quantity..

For the price it's a great choise :ok_hand:


Nice 80 x 80 usual grow tent

Commented by BelVerde BelVerde

Welcome guys

Harwest update :wink:

More than two months have passed after finishing this cultivation cycle of the GLUE GELATO Autoflowering version, by Barney's


Eventually this lady was grow for 95 days , from seedling :seedling::herb::deciduous_tree:

Maybe if you want you can easily cut it a week before, but personally I prefer to have a little more mature flowers..

After the harwest , I simply cut the plant at the bottom, like as always...

Then I hung the whole plant upside down for about 7 days ..
Temperature between 22 ° and 26 ° and humidity between 55 / 60-62%

After that , when the flowers are crispy outside , I do a good manicure leaving the flowers on the branches..

Then I have put the buds in a brown bag for a few days , open , closed and shaked two three times a day..
When the buds was almost complitely dry I have put them in two glass jars..

Then I have start the curing process , and I still do it now but I will just open the jars one time a week or when I use it

The flowers right now smell very nice :smiley:

A good mix of sweetness , earthyness in different ways.

In smoking test , like as always just with pure ganja , no tobacco or blunt , with a filter and rolling papers organic , the taste isn't bad but I feel so much the ruderalis aftertaste..

Definetly if you mix it up with tobacco you maybe can't taste the bad aroma..

Best solutions for me , especially in this situation , is a good vaporizer :ok_hand::top:
With things like Mighty or Ghost MV1 you can enjoy more and get a full stoned effect :sunglasses::bomb:
But mostly for the taste , definetly come out much better :yum:

In the end , for beeing an autoflower she has a good taste..


The thing I have more liking about this genetics is the production

For be precise..

I have grow her under a 200w Optic 2 led , but not alone..

For the entire cycle she was grow under the led light and with always three to five plants , for one week six in total


So , we can say less then 100w for his personal use :raised_hands:

And the time set-up was for two months and a few weeks on a 18/6 on/off

And the last three weeks I have reduced the hours lights on to 16/8 on/off

In the end

42g dry and cured :sports_medal:

All organic :fire:

I have use a premixed soil by me with some cocco, perlite, light-mix,humus,alfaalfa,kelp and guano plus some stimulators and beneficial bacteria and fungus

Passion and love :green_heart::heart:

And for this reason I'm very happy about the resoult
Great genetics

In my opinion Indoor make sense only if you grow at 18h or under , because 20h of lights on , for the quality of the final product from autoflowering , isn't a good idea

Autoflowers are the :top::top: for outside and helps a lot of us somewhere in the world


But like as always..

It's a good decision growing Cannabis

Wherever and some way you want

:sunglasses:: 1:

Thank you so much for everybody as watching and support this diary :pray:

And as always..
Thanks to Grow Diaries for the space :wink::handshake:

See you

Ciao :v:


Smoke review

Habosabin week 12

Amazing grow and pictures. I can tell photography is your second passion. What kind of setup was used for these close up pics?


HI mate :slightly_smiling_face:
I have already respond you PM :wink::seedling:


@FC_cultivars, what kind of camera was used. I can see your trichomes perfectly so my tired old eyes would find taking shots with this resolution easier than trying to look at my buds with a 60x handheld. :blush:


Thank you very much @Habosabin for the compliments :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

I'll be honest though, I'm neither a photographer nor anything :raised_hands:

I like to imagine..

The nice thing about all this, apart from the diaries here on GD etc.. is that from the passion of one thing, dozens of them have sprung up all around :green_heart:

Watering plants correctly is perhaps a more difficult art to learn :)'s just passion, nothing more..

You can easy do the also everything , if you want..

Thanks again :pray:

Mrs_Larimar week 12

Such apleasure to look at those Pictures, if the weed tastes only half as good as it shows,,,,,,its awsome
Congrats to your Goldcup


I appreciate @Mrs_Larimar :pray::green_heart:

Thanks again :)


@FC_cultivars, The diary is very good to read, you share your thoughts m and awsome pictures


Thank you so much @Mrs_Larimar:pray:
Honestly this is probably the first autoflower I like for the taste...but ruderalis is still felt anyway..

In any case..

Thanks again :green_heart::seedling:

Silky_smooth week 12

Congrats on your top win....very very well deserved.....:pray::pray::heart:


Thanks artist :wink::seedling::fire::art::green_heart:
I appreciate :pray: