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Bio tabs ha funzionato perfettamente, sapore e gusto spettacolari cime compatte e sode, niente da ridire. Il mio futuro!
Love their stuff but seemed to cause an N tox this time.
Hands down the best and eazyest nutrients i have used , plants are loving it strong branches good growth healty plants. and i don't have to adjust ph and i don't realy have to look at ec to or burning the plants.
Love these nutes. Works really well and no messing around with a lot of bottles.
The whole line just wasn’t enough for this grow and she required regular supplementation shortly after entering flower. Nothing knocking on the Biotabs line, think this was just a unique plant issue - this girl was just a full on nitrogen junkie. That said - I’m not sure how much confidence id have in the fert. Tabs alone. This system is very much reliant on all its component parts in order to be fully effective over a prolonged photogrow.