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What can I say, it’s liquid seaweed! Blended nicely compared to other companies kelp smoothies... worked awesome and was affordable.

1 day ago

Just wow! When I took the pots off these girls, the soil all stayed together, the roots were so thick I could barely shake any soil off!

2 days ago

I liked it and I’m sure if I used it from the beginning of my grow the plant would have had way more growth.

1 week ago

Seems to be working good for me..

1 week ago

:+1: I have used these two products since the start of growing. I think they work well but am probably going to cut Easy Wee out in the future. I have since added recharge and fish shit and I think they are plenty.

2 weeks ago

I picked up this silica product on a whim. That said, it does seem to help

3 weeks ago

I'll try a different brand when I run out...

1 month ago

Great stuff. Everyone should use it. Just wish there were better instructions for newbies. Like when to slow/stop calmed in Bloom cycle. Bottle doesn’t tell you that. Newbie mistake, I should have done more research but would have been nice for a warning on the bottle or something

2 months ago

Great company just ran into issues with too much Cal-mag in Flower. USER ERROR and rookie mistake.

2 months ago

Even if you ph it into your water somehow it changes ph of soil no good.

2 months ago

This company makes wonderful products that easily rival more well-known and expensive brands.

2 months ago

thumbs up

2 months ago

Been using it from day one of my grows. Having a pretty good success rate. Happy with it. :point_right::facepunch:

3 months ago

They are easy to measure out and mix pretty well. The easy weed makes the water really dark. I've never tried a grow without them. :point_right::facepunch:

3 months ago
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