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VitaBlue B-Vitamin Supplement

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This lineup is amazing, but I definitely used way too much. I ended up overfeeding most of my ladies.
Love this stuff, this round I think I round the proper range for my feeding schedule.
I have been a fan of Blue Planet Nutrients for a while now. Gets me good results compared to the previous brand I used.
I have been using the Cal Mag from Blue Planet for a while but this is the first time I have used their entire line and I was very happy with the results. The buds came out great and the plants never had any burn or other issues at all the entire grow cycle. I will definitely be using this for the foreseeable future!
My first time using the entire Blue Planet High Yield system and I was super impressed. I think this might end up being my nute line of choice based off of the few I have tried so far. I just think the system makes perfect sense and is super easy to use. Also it did not require a ton of nutrients to get the job done I think these will last me several grow cycles.