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Liquid Karma

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Buenos fertilizantes de lo mejor!
I've always had good luck with botanicare products
Botanicare remains a reliable staple for a number of different base nutes, and additives across all mediums. Loved em since day one:+1:. The karma is a kick in but the calmag is always on hand when needed.
Cost effective organic based reliable nutes I have been using since 2012
Great for stressed out plants or as a general low NPK supplement!
Great for stressed out plants and as a general low NPK supplement!
First time using Botanicare stuff and it seems to be a good addition to my nutrient lineup...used Liquid Karma just as a low NPK supplement to all my solutions the entire grow...
This stuff works well, is organic based, and I like to keep it simple
Always in the line up
I've always been quite fond of the Botanicare products. Even before I started growing cannabis.
Karma is used just as a misting spray during early germ. Calmag is always on hand as and when needed:+1:
Love Botanicare pure blend, and been using it since 2012 exclusively....although I had some nutrient burn on tips of my leaves, that was my own fault for not diluting the res. I was running about 1800 ppm which was too much. Lesson learned.
Use it every grow wouldn't grow without it
Perfectamente todo, como siempre, el cultivo ha sido de 10. He modificado un poco la tabla para ampliarla a una planta autofloreciente y ha salido bien.