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Liquid Karma

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Will finish with Botanicare and try something new after this
I added this line late, but it corrected all of the issues I was having with cal deficiency due to using RO water.
Simple to use and amazing results
Hydroguard is a total lifesaver and I will be using it forever more. Liquid Karma is also a very solid product which I've used in multiple grows with great success. I will not be using the Liquid Karma in futures grows, and instead will be opting for a dry fulvic acid.
I love Botanicare products. Easy to use, good results.
Very solid but can't truly say untill I have more experience.
Buenos fertilizantes de lo mejor!
I've always had good luck with botanicare products
Botanicare remains a reliable staple for a number of different base nutes, and additives across all mediums. Loved em since day one:+1:. The karma is a kick in but the calmag is always on hand when needed.
Cost effective organic based reliable nutes I have been using since 2012
Great for stressed out plants or as a general low NPK supplement!