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Just a phosphorus ph down

6 days ago

This is a miracle for any nutrient problems. It contains every plant nutrient. When I ran into trouble I would flush followed by using this to restore the perfect nute balance

3 weeks ago

Just a phosphorus ph reducer

3 weeks ago

These nutrients worked great. I had no issues with them. And they performed as promised. Highly recommended.

1 month ago

Just a ph down. Not much to say

2 months ago

Great product. I use foliage formula during veg and germinate. I use three tbs of bloom to one tbs of foliage during flower

2 months ago

First time growing Dyna-Gro exclusively. Plant was very healthy the whole grow. Great flowery/skunky aroma, pretty hard buds also. Three tbs of bloom to one tbs of foliage during flowering

2 months ago

First time use. No complaints

3 months ago

White Widow autoflower seemed ok with nutrients

7 months ago

Used it for a few treatments in Veg. Seemed to work well, as I didn't have any major infestations.
Wasn't this brand, though.

7 months ago

Plants seem ok with these nutrients.

7 months ago

For the #3 most popular it worked great. Had no issues with either the Foliage Pro or Bloom. The quart bottle will last quite a few grows. I will use Dyna-Gro plant food til im given a reason not to.

7 months ago

Be careful, let it dry before playing under light.

8 months ago

Was a must,didnt had any bugs since use it, and only use it 1 time, leafs get a pretty colour and tought texture. It really improve my grow and will for sure use it again!

9 months ago

Used Foliage Pro once to bounce plants back out from some stress.

Unable to tell if the silicon solution did anything.

10 months ago
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