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You know what they say! Mills pays the bills!

3 days ago

I'm very satisfied, the next grow in the tent will be another Mils Grow!

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2 weeks ago

Always good results with Mills nutriënts :grin::facepunch:

3 weeks ago

Like always very nice brand

3 weeks ago

Dr. Mills from Mills nutrients was kind enough to sent me whole starter pack, some accessories, rolling papers, grinders,...and also a Mills hoodie which I absolutely love and wear every day. Big thank you!
Thanks to these nutrients I was able to achieve these results, beautiful, frosty, tasty buds.
Easy to use, love these nutrients!

4 weeks ago

Very good brand :relaxed:

2 months ago

Great feeding all they need is in these bottles

4 months ago

Good product, does the job

6 months ago

Always working with this and they are the best.

9 months ago

Mills fertilizer may not be bad, but it's not good for me

10 months ago

Fertilisers with very good results. Easily assimilated by plants and leaves no residue if used as directed. It's a good grow table.

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11 months ago
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