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TommyBVRSA75 Apprentice
Purple Skunk Automatic
Growing it
It started up with problems and strong bad reaction to Plagron Bio-mineral nutrients composition.

During first weeks, it takes almost 20 days to have a full transition between seedling to vegetative phase.

After changing from Plagron to Gold Label nutrients the growth had stabilized and quickly the vegetative phase had revealed a explosive grow and a full hybrid structure.

Not a big trichome producer, the flowers are mainly formed by a compact sugar leaf structure and like a good skunk on the last weeks of flowering stage, the scent became very strong and even on carbon filter, the strong skunky aroma was noticed and that isn't good news when you do your indoor on an apartment block. (I have to spent money on ozone filters, a couple of ONA blocks and burn incense, three to four times a day, and even with all this parafernalia, the scent is noticeable).

Drying over 10 days, the first smoke experience was on day 26th since the harvest (10 to dry and 16 days of cure on glass pot with BOVEDA 62 packs, and....the STONE is just something from "outer space". An astonishing psychedelic high and all the amazing properties that the skunk type has. Talking, giggly, greatly uplift and a marvelous STONE...great and all the friends that normally share with me my grows are ecstatic with the weed that we are going to smoke during next month or so.

The yeld is also very good, around 170 grams dried on just one at the end, this grow is simply a fantastic harvest.
2 months ago
TommyBVRSA75 Apprentice
Lemon Pie Auto
Growing it
Just amazing and equal as ever to the outstanding genetics of 42 Fast Bud's. It was notorious that on the last two weeks and mainly since the flush, seven days ago, the buds mature fast and after the manicure two days ago, it was very simple to do so, due to the fact that the leafs can be easily pulled out.
As you can see, a colourful "forest" of trichomes and on each branch buds that come from top to bottom and surely an enormous yeld coming by.

Not a very acute scent or a strong terpene atmosphere whatsoever, but it is very notorious the strong resin presence on the buds and on the sugar leafs.

Despite of a Lemon Pie announcement, the strain has a very particular minty odor and i am particularly curious about the aroma after the stuff will be properly dry.

The harvest will be today, the fourth day of full to waning moon (the waning moon will be tuesday), so middle moon phase waning, just the proper day to harvest.

On overall, very pleased with the strain, right from the start to the end. No deficiencies or overfert, no watering problems and by the way that developed, the Lemon Pie has grown perfectly on winter conditions - not more than normally 22ºC max during light time and around 18ºC during lights out.

Once more, Jah God on the command of one more successful grow, protecting me against bug, funghi (and human) plagues. Most of all, each grow a learning to perfect all knowledge and to made from the cultivar experience each time a perfect way to get along with all the marvels of nature. Cannabis is the most wonderful creation and the apex of all botanics.
3 months ago
TommyBVRSA75 Apprentice
Critical Jack Herer Auto
Growing it
Pues que lo que esperaba. Grow con problemas esenciales de genética...por ejemplo y en el diario lo referi, existencia de trifolios (ruderales) en el periodo de floración. Una planta de pequeño porte y de producción muy limitada.

Olores cítricos y poco identificables con las características que en general las genealogías Critical presentan.

No registre que hay habido competición por luces ni que los planes de nutrición hayan sido distintos al grow hermano de esta temporada de Otoño 2022.

No me ha gustado que la genética que tendría que ser casi seguro una Sativa, hay sido un híbrido muy tirado a Indica y sobretodo lo que más me ha disgustado fue que hay sido mi segunda mala experiencia con Delicious Seeds a quien nada quiero apuntar en el cuidado que tienen en su venta y asistencia pos-venta; su información y el esfuerzo que este banco hace por firmarse como un banco de buena reputación.

Tengo de ellos, una docena de cepas en casa, entre fotoperiodicas y automáticas y en este momento, y cara a la temporada de Primavera 2023 y que tenía pensado darle lugar a su Bay Burger que tiene una familia genética de lo mejor y que es una fotoperiodica que todo de ella tiene condiciones para que sea una "tope de gama"...ahora mismo, con dos "grows" y un fracaso y otro "medio fracaso" tengo todas las dudas y ninguna seguridad en este mismo momento...

Deseo mucho que Delicious Seeds me dé un grow que sea inolvidable, pero hasta el momento lo único inolvidable es que he tenido dos grows de Delicious que han sido terribles...

En fin, nada más que decir, excepto que lo que más me ha agradado de este grow, fue el maravilloso aroma de sus pequeños cogollos y que ayer cuando cortaba mis dedos se pegaban demasiado.

Pese a que la cosecha no sea la esperada (o lejana a eso), segurísimo el "humo" promete y ni que la Critical Jack Herer , sea el bote donde guardaré la "magia".
6 months ago

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