Green Sensation

4-in-1: Heavier buds, compact buds, better resistance and improved nutrient uptake. The advantages of Green Sensation: ● Heavier buds. Green Sensation contains a modified carbon molecule that uniquely provides carbon to the plant through the roots. The extra carbon enhances the photosynthesis process, leading to more efficient production of glucose (energy). This additional energy is invested by the plant in the growth and development of its buds, resulting in heavier buds. ● Compact buds. In addition to carbon, Green Sensation also provides potassium, phosphorus, and iron to the plant. These are essential during the flowering phase. Potassium is crucial for optimal water and nutrient transport from the root to the bud. It also activates enzymes necessary for flowering. Phosphorus and iron are critical for the plant's cell division during the flowering phase. The more efficient and healthier this cell division, the denser and firmer the buds develop. ● Better resistance. The potassium in Green Sensation is essential for strengthening stems and other plant parts. It aids in the construction of cell walls, making the plant sturdier and increasing its resistance. This makes the plant better protected against abiotic stress. ● Improved nutrient uptake. The carbon molecule provided to the plant by Green Sensation is partly absorbed directly by the plant, but some also remains in the soil. Here the molecule helps to mobilize the minerals, allowing the plant to absorb nutrients better.
Green Sensation
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Nutrient TypeTechnical nutrient like: anti-mold, pesticides, pH-down, etc
Feeding StyleDay-to-day Solution
Organic NutrientNo
Content StateLiquid (ml/l)

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Easy to use and very good results! Would definitely recommend for beginners like me.
6 months ago
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