Sugar shot is a specially designed mixture of complex and simple carbohydrates to provide energy to plants in the flowering stage. Plants expend an extremely large quantity of complex sugars, releasing energy, in the root area, so by making an investment for your plant with Sugar shot, you can be sure that useful microbes in the soil will be abundantly nourished, which in its turn will support cultivation and growth of your living environment. Using Sugar shot, you will help your plants increase their root mass, increase the absorption of nutrients, protect roots and produce hormones, which stimulate flower size, vitality and value. Moreover, Sugar shot increases the levels of sugar, aromas and taste in the plant and in the final product. This act of adding carbohydrates will fill plants with the energy they need, in order to continue to grow bigger, fuller, heavier and tastier buds. Sugar shot gives a “shot” to your finished crops with a better smell and sweeter taste. Sugar shot benefits: - Gives an energy shot to your plants. - Nourishes useful microbes in the root area. - Improves the organoleptic properties of flowers and increases their weight. - Increases and improves aroma and taste.
Sugar ShotSugar ShotSugar Shot
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Nutrient TypeClassic N-P-K or micro-elements nutrient
Feeding StyleDay-to-day Solution
Organic NutrientYes

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God damn, Xpert Nutrients knocked it out of the park with their nutrients! I'm very pleased with our collaboration, hoping for many more to come because all my plants look beautiful and frankly, I didn't have so little issues with my plants for years. It's super easy to use and the results are bonkers! Autoflowers with yields of almost 250g couldn't be done without these nutrients. Guys, go get them if you like what you see in the gallery :)
6 months ago
Iam very pleased with my First Grow, using Hybrid Fertilisers. means the NPK are on minerlaic base. But all additives/ beneficals are Organic. i was very impressed by Master ROOT, Enzymes, Silica Force and the other Products Plants always looked on top and very happy. 😘
6 months ago
This was my first Grow with Hybrid fertilisers. and it was a good Experience. The NPK worked very well. I was Impressed by the Plantbenefical products like master Root silica Force, Enzymes... They really supported my Grow🙏
6 months ago
I came along very good with the Nutrients. its my first Time using hybrid ( mineral and organic Elements) Fertiliser. and Iam quite Impressed. i had Zero Problems, and was very surprised with the power of the Nutrients. I especially loved the calmag amino, Silica force, enzymes....... They really did , what they should do, and supported my Plants🙏 so they came out happy and healthy, with dense Buds and stickyness😻💪
6 months ago
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