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Bangui Haze


Bangi Haze is one the fastest and most stabilized sativa hybrids in our collection. It is a compact sativa that produces dense flowers of floral and anisette aromas, full of generous trichomes. Strong stimulating Congolese sativa effect. Excellent choice for rainy and cold climates or for indoor growing. FLOWERING OUTDOORS: END OF SEPTEMBER / EARLY OCTOBER RESISTANCE AGAINST SPIDER MITES: AVERAGE RESISTANCE AGAINST MILDEW: VERY HIGH RESISTANCE AGAINST BOTRYTIS: VERY HIGH RESISTANCE AGAINST COLD: AVERAGE - HIGH STRUCTURE Compact and columnar sativa without a tendency to widen, very suitable for indoor growing. BOUQUET Tempting smell of aniseed and flowers. HIGH Strong and energetic sativa effect that picks you up and keeps you active. GROWING TIPS Bangi Haze has been developed in Galicia, one of the coldest and rainiest areas in Spain. After several generations of improvement, this sativa has acquired a surprising resistance against cold, rain and all types of fungus, being practically immune to mildew. It produces excellent results, flowering even on foggy or icy days (in conditions where other varieties would easily die or rot). GROWING TIPS Bangi Haze has been tested in all warm and cold climates, including countries further north such as France, Belgium or the United Kingdom. It is also a perfect choice for indoor breeding due to its compact and columnar structure and its fast flowering.

Gender Regular
Genes I
Genetics Congolese x Nepalese
Harvest High
Flowering 9-10 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Release Year Previously Released


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Tastes & Effects

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WeedSt Apprentice
Bangui Haze
Growing it
The plant grew amazingly. Nothing out of the ordinary for me never saw any bugs or mold. Only a small problem with nutrient defficiencies that I quickly got control of. It's unfortunate that one ended up being a male but so is the way of life. Everything worked out in the end giving this beauty more room to flourish.

108 days till harvest.
12 days of drying.

42 grams herb.
10 grams trim.
17 grams stems.
= 69 grams.
11 months ago

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